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Have you received notice that the IRS will be auditing you? Audits can result in two ways: from random computerized screenings based on certain criteria, or because something about your return may have triggered doubt about its truthfulness or completeness.

Whatever the reason, meeting with the IRS without the advice and representation of an experienced attorney like Monshaugen & Van Huff, P.C. could adversely affect your outcome, possibly even exposing you to significantly higher tax liabilities. We understand the audit process and can help generate a satisfactory resolution.

In addition to resolving audit issues, we also advise taxpayers who may have been involved in acts or omissions that have the potential to become chargeable as crimes by the IRS or the Department of Justice.

It’s essential to note, however, that tax evasion, or the willful filing of false returns, are felonies. Subsequent correction will not remove or lessen the fraud. However, the IRS is often willing to view the correction in a civil rather than a criminal context. In this case, civil fraud penalties, rather than criminal charges, will be imposed.


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